This project deals with age management and strives for identification of tools and methods aimed at extending the activity period of people aged 50+. The project will focused on employed and unemployed people.

It is focused on close cooperation between partner organizations from EU countries (CZ, DE, FI, PT, CY, and ES) in the field of needs, barriers, motivation and education of this group.

Project activities will also reach educational institutions and employers that will share good practices.During the first phase of the project a research will be conducted by each partner in its country (web searching, interviews, questionnaires) focused on:
a) Existing learning opportunities for 50+
b) Their barriers and motivation
c) Attitude of employers towards 50+

Next phase will be dedicated to analysis of research results and creation of Informational brochure for active ageing with the following contents:
Part 1 - Internet resources – courses, tools, opportunities
Part 2 - Questionnaires – needs, barriers, motivation
Part 3 - Good practice
Part 4 - Partner sections - descriptions and services for 50+ in all regions

Throughout the whole project practical workshops will be organized in each partner country, which will allow participants to discuss the results and extend cooperation in the following areas:
a) Examples of partners´ experience in work with 50+
b) Meeting representatives of educational providers
c) Preparing methods and tools for work in next period of the project cycle
d) Intercultural exchange

Main deliverables:
1. Summary of field research for 50+ (local / national)
2. Practical brochure for education organizations with 50+ services
3. Questionnaires for 50+ participants
4. Project website
5. CD with outputs
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